Disk Granulator
Disk Granulator

Disk Granulator

Processing ability: 14–80 m³/h

Feeding size: <50 mm

Disk diameter: 1000–2000 mm

Disk rotation speed: 4.79–7.5 r/min

Applied material: ore, coal, cement, clinker, limestone, clay powder, granular.

The Structure and Advantages of Disk Granulator:

Inside the disk granulator, there is high-strength glass fiber reinforced plastics, so that it has the advantages of even grain making, high granulation rate, stable operation and long service life, thus making it the ideal grain making equipment.


The Function and Description of Disk Granulator:

The disk uses unitary arc structure, and the granulation rate can reach over 93. There are three discharging mouths for the convenience of intermittent production, thus greatly reducing the labor strength and improving the working efficiency. The reducer and the electro motor use soft belt transmission with stable starting, so that the impact forces is slowed down and the service life of the equipment is prolonged. The pan bottom of the disk is reinforced by several radiation steel plates, so that it is durable. The thickened, weighted and solid pedestal makes the operation of this machine stable.


Disk grain making machine has many advantages such as high balling rate, mellow particles, simple and easy operation and convenient maintenance.

The disk grain making machine uses the pre-watering overall balling method. The raw material powders are evenly moistened by the atomized water in the double-shaft mixer and form nuclear bulges with even granularity, and then they are sent to the balling disk to become balls. The water content of the balls should be controlled in the range of 12~14%. The water should be added when the raw materials are in the double-shaft mixer and in the balling disk, only a small amount of supplementary water can be added and the supplementary water amount should be control in the range of 0~3%. When making dry powders, water should be directly added into the balling disk and the workers should spray property amount of water. When the raw material ball bulges go into the balling disk, they will move along the parabola under the eccentric force, frictional force and gravity.

Technical data

Rotation speed
Production capacity
Φ2.2 14.25 4-8
Φ2.5 11.81 5-10
Φ2.8 11.21 12-16
Φ3.0 11.3 15-18
Φ3.2 9.6 15-20
Φ3.6 9.1 18-24

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